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01 July 2012 @ 08:45 pm
If you've come here looking for Ironworks, I've deleted the chapters here because keeping track of everything at LJ, at Tumblr, and at AO3 is way too freaking confusing, so what I'm going to do is, once it's all been posted at AO3, I will post the fic all here at once and have a masterpost for all of the chapters. Sorry for any inconvenience this (probably did not) cause!

If you want to keep up with the fic as it's being updated, you'll still be able to find it at AO3 at the link below.

Ironworks @ AO3
Title: Stillness of the Mind
Characters/Pairings: Tony Stark/Bruce Banner
Rating: R
Word Count: ~3900
Warnings: Sexual content, language.
Summary: This whole thing was ridiculous and wrong and messed up – the both of them were – but he was having the time of his life anyway.
Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me. Neither does the Marvel universe. Nothing does. I OWN NOTHING AT ALL IN THE WORLD.
A/N: I haven't written a fic in a very long time, but I just had to try my hand at this. No clue if I was successful or not, but I had to do it. FOR SCIENCE.

(also at AO3)

He was in love with Tony Stark and he was an idiot.Collapse )
and a bargain must be made
jack/oswald (torchwood: miracle day)
pg13; 3,956 words
“I’m not going to protect you,” Jack says after a moment, “You know that, right? I just need… answers. I just needed to see you.” He pauses. They’re both aware of how that sounds. They let it go.

notes: (also @ AO3) I recently re-watched miracle day and came out of it with a lot more feelings than I did the first time I saw it, especially concerning Oswald and even more so concerning Oswald and Jack (I could go on and on here as to what these feelings are specifically, but I'll spare you. I've written a little… thing that explains it though and I might put it up somewhere public some day). eventually, after letting it fester for a few days and building up a playlist that makes my heart hurt every time I listen to it, this fic happened. when I finished it, I spent hours flip-flopping, telling myself not to post it because it seemed obvious the fandom wanted no part of Oswald Danes and I was unsure if I would be welcomed or kicked squarely in the ass and out of the door I came from. I decided - along with some convincing from friends - that I would post it. not because I'm trying to cause trouble, but because I love what I wrote. I love what I wrote. and the fear of what some strangers might think shouldn't stop me from sharing this with the world.

my original intent for this fic was for it to be about 10-20,000 words longer than it actually is, most of which would be comprised of Oswald traveling around the country - and maybe the world - searching for Jack while I delved deeper into his character, into who and why he is the way he is and how he accepts (or doesn't accept) what happened to him but I realized a little ways into writing this that that would be utterly implausible to actually carry out. there's no way a man like Oswald could realistically explore the globe without getting recognized, thrown into prison and executed on the spot. it was disappointing, to say the least, to have to completely remodel the plot and make this the length it is now. I probably could have stretched it out a bit in certain parts but I didn't want to make things too repetitive or boring or out-of-character. I would love to, one day, write something longer involving this guy though. just maybe not what I had planned this time.

The first breath ripples through him, his lungs burning, pink and new, inflating as his throat clenches and his body – what’s left of it – rockets, arches off the rubble.Collapse )
they're pests destined to just be strays
peter/wendy, the lost boys (peter pan)
r; 2,195 words
They like to say that they own the streets and, in their own little way, they do. It's theirs. Every little corner, every brick, every crack between the dirty roads. If there was no one to dispute the fact, it didn't necessarily make it a lie. To them, it was true. Everything belonged to them.

notes: written for this prompt. um! um! this was supposed to take place in the 1950s but. but… I don't know. I left it kind of vague, completely by accident. mostly by accident. I don't know too much about the 50s and I was concerned with completely screwing it up so I tried to be as open-ended with the decade as I could be. and the way this goes kind of sounds like it's an origin story which, I guess, it is. Peter is a Perv (yes, with a capital "P") in this story and it was a total fluke. I was writing and then… it kind of happened. also, it's kind of implied that Wendy might be a bit under-age so, if that bothers you, then you shouldn't read this ("under-age" in the sense that I'm saying Peter is, at most, 18 and Wendy is 15 or 16). I got the names for the Lost Boys from here. I kind of ship the Lost Boys now in all kinds of ways thanks to this fic (I thought about listing the ships that I kind of subtly put in here next to the Peter/Wendy bit but the list would be crazy long and most of it is just implied). (as per usual: any and all mistakes, grammar-wise, are my fault and I will fix the ones I missed eventually)

They meet in an abandoned warehouse at the end of a dead-end street.Collapse )

a plastic man of steel
zack/kripke, stuart (the big bang theory)
pg13; 18,805 words
Kripke is pretty much okay with this weird little friendship he has going on with Zack and Stuart (really, he is, believe it or not). That is, until one evening when Kripke comes home to find he's been broken into and Zack offers him a place to stay. After that, everything starts to go upside-down; Stuart doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut and Zack... well, Zack won't stop being Zack. And somewhere in the middle of it all is a Superman action figure who probably knows how to make everything right but he's not talking.

you can find the rest of the absolutely glorious art and a great mix by jazzfic right here!

notes: I don't even know if I have much to say about this fic right now which is a big deal for me because usually my 'author's note' could go on and on for pages if I don't reign myself in a bit but this time I got nothin'. I kind of fell in love with the idea of these three becoming rather reluctant best friends after the season 4 episode "the toast derivation" and wrote a bit in my livejournal about what I thought a tv spin-off with these three guys would be like and, eventually, once big bang sign-ups started, that small idea kind of evolved into… this. IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE SLASH. OKAY. I TRIED REALLY, REALLY HARD. I made it 20 or so pages without screwing it up and I was so proud but then things happened (damn you, things!) and it all turned really gay really fast so I just went with it because there was no point in trying to fix anything. I thought about writing Kripke's dialogue in, you know, the way he talks but I knew it would get frustrating to write (and read) pretty fast and I figured everyone knows how he sounds. I don't need to show you. and, it goes without being said but I'll say it anyway: hopefully there aren't any missed mistakes but, if there are, I will find/fix them in time).

I get so caught up and nervous and freaked out and concerned with trying to come up with plots that I think other people will read or like (which is why I rarely finish or wind up dropping out even if I do finish) instead of what I want to read and what I enjoy writing and this is what this fic is all about. I had fun writing this, I enjoy these characters. I wrote this for myself but if you love it too well, then, that's just a bonus.

now, the "thank-you"s: thank you to jazzfic, who was an absolute joy to work with and made me beautiful art. I want to thank ofstardust, vangogh, and my tumblr friends for answering all my stupid comic book and doctor who questions (like: "who would Superman be friends with on Facebook?" and "would Superman and Daredevil get along?" and "if you were introducing someone to doctor who where would you tell them to start?"). thanks to tju_tju_tju_tju for existing. thanks to my twitter and livejournal friends for listening to me complain/cheer about this. and thanks to Two Steps From Hell for making the album illumina which I listened to over and over again while writing this fic.


(if you'd prefer not to - or can't - leave comments on either of those posts, you are welcome to leave them here on the masterpost).
meet me in a dirty bar (with half a glass of whisky in your hand)
howard/bucky (captain america: the first avenger)
pg13; 1,837 words
He thinks about pushing him away or maybe punching him in the face and making a quick escape out the front door but, in the end, it's been awhile and if Howard wants to play this game then Bucky figures he might as well play along.

notes: (also @ AO3) I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!!!!!1!!11!!!! no, really. I do. I just. wow. okay. WORDS. WORDS. WORDS. I haven't written a fic like this in a very, very long time and I apologize if any of it seems weird or awkward. I got to a certain point in the fic where I just wanted to write "AND THEN HE PUT HIS MOUTH ON HIS MOUTH AND ALSO OTHER STUFF" and try to see if I could get away with it. so, yeah. hopefully this isn't a complete disaster and I'm sorry that Howard Stark talks like he might be working a British accent I'm not entirely sure why that happened.

It's like this: There is Before the New Steve and there After the New Steve.Collapse )